Rockslide A.T.A.V. with Snow Job

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rockslide All-Terrain Attack Vehicle (A.T.A.V.) w/ Snow Job

upon opening the box, we have:
1. rockslide a.t.a.v. (no assembly required)
2. snow job with his gear (pistol, ski goggles, hood)
3. one tiny sticker sheet
4. instructions manual
5. 2 missiles

the sticker sheet appears to be missing some of the stickers... but don't worry, as those "missing" stickers are already applied on the right side of the rockslide... i'm not sure if it's just my set, but my set is actually missing one sticker... the manual states that there's a sticker that's supposed to be applied near the back (tail) of the rockslide, but my sticker sheet doesn't have it...

let's check the rockslide out!

the rockslide a.t.a.v. is a descendant of the classic polar battle bear. their function may be the same, but their looks differ a lot. the rockslide looks very modern compared to the polar battle bear, but it doesn't look futuristic at all. it looks like something that would exist on this era. and to me, that's a good thing...

the rockslide is a sleek vehicle. i'm a big fan of curves, so the rockslide looks ok for me. it has a pair of front skis, which can slightly be turned to the left or to the right. each of the front skis is mounted with a spring-loaded launcher, with an unremovable missile on top. the rockslide also has front gun turrets poking out on the sides. firepower!

being true to the all-terrain tag, the rockslide features pivoting treads, thanks to the ratchet joint in it. it's a simple feature, one that can be overlooked, but it's a welcome addition.

the canopy opens to reveal a cockpit. the cockpit can only accomodate one figure, but it is quite spacious. it can even accomodate a figure with a holster on each hip. i tried putting my arctic snake-eyes in, but the canopy won't shut tightly due to his large hood.

i guess my arctic snake-eyes will just have to ride on the ice dagger instead...

snow job fits well in the cockpit, even if he has a skirt.

snow job, for me, is a dull figure... he is just a repaint of the 25th anniversary snow job, with less accessories... i like the camo on his outfit, but the green sleeves, belt, and (sculpted) harness don't quite look good on the figure.

there is nothing new on this figure except for the paint, and that brings the value of this set down. it would have been nice if hasbro threw in a unique character instead of snow job, as that would have increased this set's appeal.

the rockslide a.t.a.v., as a set, is good enough. you get a vehicle that was featured in the movie, with some play features, and a dull figure that you can keep or throw in your customizing bin. it's ok to get this for 1000 bucks, but if you have another extra grand, get the ice dagger instead.