Rise of Cobra - Cobra Paratrooper Review

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Best - Its a modern day Imperial Tie fighter pilot that joined the ranks of Cobra. The black outfit really rocks!

The Bit-off - It came with a rotor craft far different from IG Vindicator. Having the figure go attached to it is kinda hard, since the handlebars dont fit well and the backpack stalk never keeps itself in place. The rotorcraft also doubles as a pencil launcher but again I cant seem to position it right without having the figure topple down.

The Unknown - I got this figure loose from ebay, and so far I can tell its missing some accessories. The fins, the headgear and the machine gun magazine I have to replace with my other paratrooper. I cant say if it does come with the gear.

The Quality - material used for the figure is lighter and less rubber-like compared to its 25th predecessor. Perhaps Hasbro cutting some corners in production cost. Still looks great though holding both you can actually feel the difference.

The Verdict - The version really works well for me, aesthetically black is beautiful. Saw these from Glenn when he got it from the toycon, and want to get one to add to the collection. Its a sure buy for me once it comes out from retail, a definite army builder.

a generous 8.5/10....they should be making more figs like this one. ;D