Charbroil (RoC) Review

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Charbroil is another one of those Frankensteined figures. He is made from Blowtorch/Snow Serpent's torso, Resolute Duke's arms and legs, and the chrome Cobra Commander/Viper head with a new helmet. The combination of parts works for a flamethrower, with the parts from different figures flowing together nicely... BUT it looks NOTHING like G1 Charbroil.

The color pallette is not entirely G1-accurate either. Charbroil still has the deep yellow highlights but what was originally a mahogany suit is now brick red. Also, the silver helmet and armor plates on the G1 figure are now gray with alot of dry brushed black to simulate ash and soot. Strangely though, this figure retains some silver "plaes" (just painted on) along the arms, the upper ones with the movie-based Joe logo.

Charbroil comes with Blowtorch's flamethrower and fuel backpack, and chest armor. The helmet is new and is glued on to the chrome head. Watch out for this as my figure's helmet was glued on sideways so I had to remove it with a blade and accidentally sliced part of the helmet (above the upper left eye, see photo, and also at the back). Charbroil's giant spring loaded launcher is a giant spring loaded flamethrower which fires a fireball shaped projectile.

Is this an accurate representation of G1 Charbroil in G3 construction? No. Does this figure work as Charbroil? Yes. It's about time the fans realized that the 25th line is dead. This figure works as what it is meant to be: a new representation of an old character. Not an old figure in new construction.

- JM