Rex "The Doctor" Lewis (both variants) Review

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rex "The Doctor" Lewis (both variants)

Destro's Chief Experimental Doctor. Who later turns out to be the Baroness' brother and Duke & Ripcord's old war buddy and at the end goes on to become the Cobra Commander.

This figure comes in two variants: a movie-accurate black labcoat variant, and a white labcoat variant. Both variants come with the same accessories.

Like the other movie figures, this is an all new sculpt and is quite accurate to the character's on-screen appearance.

The Doctor has the Professor Snape-inspired hair, the Darth Vader-inspired breathing apparatus, and the Terror Claws Skeletor-inspired claws. The Doctor also comes with the hypodermic nanomite injector, and a briefcase which contains three nanomite canisters (different sculpt from the breifcase included with the Baroness). The Doctor also has a Steyr AUG Para, but this being a Hasbro-produced accessory, is way oversized and dwarfs Marauder's full length AUG A1. This figure's giant spring loaded accessory comes in the form of a giant spring loaded claw to grab other figures or objects such as stuffed toys, jewelry, Gashapons, hats, dolls, shirts, candy and electronics... and resembles something Cobra Commander stole from a claw vending machine like UFO Catcher.

The hair and the breathing apparatus are removable accessories and once you take them off, reveal Anakin's... I mean Joseph Gordon-Levitt's bald and burnt and scarred head underneath... and on the white coat variant, this makes for an impromptu Dr Mindbender custom (yes I'm well aware he was played by Kevin O'Connor in the film; I just prefer the bald head, white labcoat look popularized by Devil's Due Comics and Valor vs Venom)

I actually prefer this figure over the Krang figure since this is how the character appeared throughout almost the entire film.

- JM