Thursday, June 24, 2010

Duke and General Philip Ray had no choice but to crashland the Phantom X-30 stealth fighter on the icy Siberian wilderness. Unknown to them, Cobra has anticipated the damaged fighter and contacted its Artic Terrordrome to deploy Snow Serpents and retrieve the Phantom's blackbox, containing crucial information that will lead to this terrorist group's demise. A massive squad of Artic Hiss race to the crash site...

Meanwhile along the icy cold blanket and mountainous terrain, G.I. Joe's counterpart; the Oktober Guard, is on a routine round. Col. Brekov wants to know what fiery demon fell from the sky, instructing his team to immediately disembark to another perilous adventure.

The G.I.joes, wounded and frozen can only watch as predators as wolves stalk nearer, unaware of Cobra tanks travelling in the snow, as well as its rival group, the Oktober guard approaches its the cold battlefield.

Will the Oktober guard be friend or foe? Would they able to face the tenacious number of Snow serpents? Will they all survive this icy Ivory Blanket?

Pursuit of Cobra Destro

Wednesday, June 23, 2010