Saturday, May 28, 2011


(initials are a code for C.D. = Castle Destro)

Some quick notes..

- Inspired by Castle Destro in GI Joe #21 (1984) - Silent Interlude

- Main theme is Destro and his Iron Grenadier army in his Castle stronghold

- Displayed last weekend May 21-22, 2011 at the Robinson’s Place Manila Mall (Philippines) in celebration of TAGCOM 2011, organized by Hobbiworx and PinoyToyKolektors (PTK).

- Brought to you by the same team that came up with O: Shock and Awe, O: Killzone, O: Forced Entry, O: Gothic Serpent, O: Sidewinder Verde, O: Grayia Seize-r, O: Ivory Blanket, O: Snake Rising ...the Philippines only local 3 3/4 (1:18) Joe online community..TS118

- This diorama changes display twice per day (total of 4 set-ups over the weekend).
The Flash: This style is the first of its kind in the Philippines for action figures (regardless of scale). We dubbed it as a "dynamic modular diorama" or DMD. In this case, it is called Dynamic Modular Destro-rama.

- Took 5 weekends of preparation and actual dio-work to complete (figures/structures/vehicles). Mostly done on Saturdays only.

- Collaboration done by at least 15 members (builders, pledgers/financiers, consultants, etc.)

- The Castle itself is more than 6 feet tall when mounted on a table top, and features a castle keep, a main hall and underground sections.

- Featured GI Joe customs in 25A body constructions (The Plague, Voltar, Metalhead, Mistress Armada, Alexander Destro, General Mayhem, among others) plus hidden mickeys (Deadpool/Udon Taskmaster, etc).

Early Setup:

The Result!

Destro's Private Army:

The Main Battle Vehicle

The Features (Tech lab and Armoury)

The Dinner Table

The Throne Room:

The Other Custom Features:

Infiltration Team

Some Comics to boot!

Thanks to the Team!

The Team Lead


From the Photos of Bamm, Cobraticon, Ricson, DTJ, Jedimarc