Resolute - Duke.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11.03.2009 - The new face of GI Joe is here, in the form of Resolute! I haven't collected the 25th Anniversary figures because they're just the classic characters in the classic designs (80's costumes), but with updated sculpting and articulation. In terms of new scultping and articulation, they're great. But, what I really want is modernized designs of the classic characters, updated for the 2000's. Sigma 6 was an okay attempt, but it failed to be the proper update to the GI Joe universe.

For those that don't know, GI Joe: Resolute is an upcoming online animated micro-series, written by comic book write, Warren Ellis. It will consist of ten 5-minute webisodes, and one 10-minute finale. It will feature top notch animation, updated versions of classic characters and vehicles, a more mature and realistic story compared to the classic cartoon, real bullets as opposed to lasers, and killing! Yes, there will be on screen deaths, hehe!

Now to the figure. Duke is among the first releases of the Resolute figures, along with Cobra Commander and Cobra Trooper. With this new Duke figure, I haven't been so excited for GI Joe in a long time. I actually enjoyed the previous new sculpts from GI Joe Vs. Cobra, Spy Troops, and Valor Vs. Venom, but GI Joe Resolute aims to properly update these characters. In my opinion, this is the best Duke design yet. Not without some flaws, but otherwise near perfect...

The accessories.

Armed and dangerous.

The cocking bolt on the rifle is a nice touch.

One of the things I like most about this Duke figure is his striking resemblance to actor Channing Tatum, who will be playing Duke in the upcoming live action GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra movie. So, it's kinda like a preview.

And just for fun... ;)

Other fans who have this figure are unhappy with the lack of functioning holster and sheath for the pistol and knife on the figure, but I really don't mind the sculpted on holstered pistol. Overall, great figure, I'd give it a five out of five.

- Mach Diesel

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