Rise of Cobra - Jungle Assault Ripcord

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Posting by vince04 » Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:40 pm

The first time I heard that the ROC wave 5 is coming out, I'm really fascinated by this Ripcord variant. I told myself I would like to have this figure if I saw it on sale at the pegs.

A lot of people seem to disregard this Ripcord variant, mainly because they say his ugly head is a butt of jokes, just another Ripcord, a Hasbro waste of plastic, Wayans "hater", etc., etc. Add to the fact that the MUCH HYPED, all new "International Toy of the Year ", new variant of Snake Eyes - the City Strike, is included on wave 5.

But for me, I loved this figure right from the start. You may wonder why I like this variant so much, so now, I try to make a short review of this mostly overlooked figure from wave 5.

Ripcord is, at most, my favorite figure of ROC wave 5. He wears a brown digital camouflage pattern, which can blend well in the jungle environment.

Ripcord is stripped down: his equipment included the Pit Commando hat and vest, ROC Shipwreck's belt, three assault rifles, a jungle bolo, stand, and the usual pencil missile launcher.

Upon closer inspection, underneath the vest is the reactive impact armor torso used in the RIA Duke / Ripcord. Ripcord's arms and hands were taken from Desert Ambush Duke, which IMHO is the best arms on the ROC line suitable for assault rifles.

Ripcord's thigh, legs and boots were taken from 25th Dusty / ROC Pit Commando. Shown here posing ala "Andres Bonifacio atapang a-tao, hindi a-takbo". :D (Andres Bonafacio; so courageous he wont run away from a fight!)

Holding his assault rifles:

Some Articulated Poses

Group shots:

- Great articulation and poseability.
- Awesome camo pattern.
- Cool accessories.
- Another military-themed figure from Hasbro.

- The price.
- The scarcity of ROC wave 5 on local stores.
- The pencil launcher should have been replaced by a backpack or other useful military accessory.

My verdict: 8.5 / 10