TS118 Custom Contest (Joe vs Aliens)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TS118 Custom contest mechanics: 1:18 Joe vs Aliens

Good morning everyone!

We are inviting everybody to join our very first custom contest. The winning entry gets to have his masterpiece showcased in one of TS1:18's diorama. The theme for this contest is Joe vs Aliens!

To Join, please log on to the TS118 Forums (http://ts118.50.forumer.com/index.php). Only Registered members can join and vote.


- When will this start? Today Nov 15, 2011 and deadline of submission is on Dec 18, 2011.
- Entries will not be labeled with participant names but will be numbered instead.
- Entry can be from the G.I. Joe/Aliens franchise or an original that must be in theme.
- Base figure can be any existing 1:18 figure, parts and weapons can be from any other toyline and scale.
- All entries will be collected by me only during regular meetups or toy events then pictures will be posted by the assigned photographer.
- Voting will commence once entries are collected not later than Dec 18, 2011.
- One winner will be announced and gets to take all the prize.
- No entry fee required.
- Only non-core members are allowed to join.
- Limited to those currently residing in the Philippines.
- Entries will be returned to their respective owners after the contest.

Q. Can I submit multiple entries?
A. No, one entry per member only.

Q. How will the winner be determined?
A. Winners will be determined through a poll.

Q. How long will the voting take?
A. The voting will last for a week after all pictures has been posted.

Q. I live far from Megamall or Alabang. How can I have my entry submitted?
A. You can have the entry shipped to me and of course at your expense.

Q. Can I post WIP's of my entry on another thread,blog or any other social networking sites?
A. No. This will result in a disqualification.

Q. Can I take pictures of my entry?
A. No. Only the assigned photographer will take pictures using a standard background.

Prizes: More to be added
1x MOC 25th Anniversary B.A.T.
1x MOC 25th Firefly (Grey)
1x MOC Marvel Universe Colossus
1x Lifeline custom by Grifter - pics to follow
4x 1:18 headcasts from ConWorx

TS118 Portofolio

Monday, August 29, 2011

TS118 Portofolio