Rise of Cobra - The Doctor (White Variant)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Good:

The Doctor comes in an alternative color scheme to delight collectors. The variant has a white robe and white arms at match the coat.

The Well-ok-should-have-been:

Since they were thinking of bringing in another variant, Hasbro could had included variant weapons with this doctor edition.

The Poor:

The Doctor is not advised to display itself on a lonesome without the white robe, since the arms are white too. This leaves an action figure with white arms over its black body, somewhat like a skinny reversed colored panda.

The Excellent:

Despite the cheezy move of Hasbro to further drain our pockets with color variants, the figure shows a whole new design, and array of accessories that is unique for this line. The doctor has a pretty decent coat, its black undergarment riddled with all sorts of nice detail (similar to Edward Scissorhands) and the only figure I can think off that comes with a wig and an alternative removable mouthpiece that is attached through its neck. The figure also carries a briefcase filled with nanomite containers, a rifle, and a grabber device that replaces those kiddy pencil launchers.

The Verdict:

The Doctor is a well designed action figure for the Rise of Cobra line. The release of this white variant makes heads turn and crave for more. I was surprised these figures arrived this soon on retail, and as fast it comes the faster it disappears. Hasbro might employ yet another tactic to get more of our money for the same mold, however if the figure is an impressive as the Doctor, I would gladly oblige.

A flat and firm 9.0/10 ...wonderful indeed!