Rise of Cobra Scarlett (both versions)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scarlett is played by Rachel Nichols in Rise of Cobra. She's portrayed as both a genius and a very competent soldier. There are currently two versions of Scarlett available for the Rise of Cobra toyline: Desert Ambush and Undercover.

The Desert Ambush Scarlett is how she looked during the first act ofthe movie (Desert Ambush), wearing her Reactive Impact Armor although it's puzzling as to why Hasbro didn't just call the figure Reactive Impact Armor Scarlett instead (the other figures wearing the Reactive Impact Armor are called by that name). Since Scarlett is a female and obviously has different anatomy from the two other Reactive Impact Armor figures, this is an all new sculpt. The proportions are very good as opposed to the Duke & Ripcord Reactive Impact Armor figures which are very thin.

Undercover Scarlett... at first people were wonder how she can be undercover when she's just wearing her normal Joecamo uniform. Well after seeing the movie, it becomes apparent. This is the invisible camoflage suit Scarlett wore during the Attack on the Pit. Hasbro could not explicitly state "Invisible Camoflage Suit" without giving away some spoilers. Although this should be the same uniform as Cover Girl's, Scarlett is a completely new sculpt. The sculpt shares elements with Cover Girl but they are two distinctly different figures.

So far the Rise of Cobra toyline has been hit or miss with the facial likenesses of the actors. Mostly misses with the females. Scarlett is no exception. The Undercover version with the ponytail is just atrocious... not Baroness atrocious, just atrocious. The Desert Ambush is slightly better but still not enough Rachel Nichols in there to be recognizable.

The Desert Ambush figure is painted much like the other Reactive Impact Armor figures: dry brushed slate on the armor plates... but with one difference, the back plates are also drybrushed. The Undercover version is painted in the Joecamo pattern used in the movie and is a lighter gray hue than Cover Girl's bluish uniform. One strange paint application on the undercover version though is the use of orange plastic for the head then painting the skin, leaving the hair as the base color of the plastic. It has a very bad effect on the figure making it very toy-like.

Desert Ambush Scarlett comes with the laser crossbow and the standard Joe pistol. The figure also comes with a harness and grappling hook with giant spring loaded launcher to simulate her drop from the Howler dropship. Undercover Scarlett comes with the standard Joe issue FN2000 and silenced pistol. Undercover Scarlett also has a backpack which can hold her wakizashi (short sword) and crossbow. The backpack is sculpted with a coiled rope on one side much like Beach Head's. Undercover Scarlett's giant spring loaded launcher is in the shape of a giant spring loaded crossbow.

Aside from the lack of facial likenesses, these two figures are must haves.

- JM