Rise of Cobra - Elite Viper

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here is another figure review that belongs to Dominusdjinn (ghad..all I do now is review his stuff). He wasn't able to get just one but 3 of these lovely critters.

The Wonderful - I really don't aim to get all these wierd looking Rise of Cobra vipers, basically because they have odd looking heads and bulky body armor. However the elite viper is different; it has a conservatively designed head, a believable body armor, battle axe and realistic/current weaponry. I also love the nice drybrushing applied to achieve the metal body armor look :)

The Sad - its again given this oversized pencil launcher that you cant have him pose for long.

The Recommedation - Among all the sci-fi Cobra movie troopers you can collect, this for me is a definite buy. Two submachine guns, a gun in a holster, a backbreaking battle axe, drybrushed body armour and a backpack fills his accessory line. A Good buy indeed.

A generous 8.5 of 10. Gather them now!