Rise of Cobra - Anthony "Flash" Gambello Review

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here is my own figure review on Rise of Cobra's Flash:

The Great - The figure itself looks like an entirely complete mold. Its body armor is unique too, with the shoulder armor and pelvis guard. A better improved revamp on the good old Flash figure we used to know. The red and black scheme isnt bad at all, its something getting used to, though many might view him more an adversary than a real joe.

The Excellent - the figure comes with a wonderfully designed and unique helmet for Flash. It has little fancy details running over its head, with a transparent googles incorporated to the helmet's design. Aside from the fancy helmet, the figure also carries a large laser gun and a moderately sized laser rifle. Even the overgrown missile launcher isn't as bad as I initially thought.

The Lame - with all its nice and crafty new accessories, what compensates over this lovely red and black figure is the use of thread for its laser accessory, connected to the rear of its back. They could have spent more on sturdier and longer rubber tubing than resorting to a poorly designed weapon.

The Recommendation - The updated Flash is a remarkable figure for me, even if it has a sadomasochistic rubber mask under the well designed helmet. The colors are neat, comes with laser weapons we never seen before and yes it suits the figure as a modern day high-tech joe trooper. Despite the rope accessory, the figure is accurate to the figure found on the Rise of Cobra Video game.

My personal score is 9 out of 10. Flash is a smash!