Rise of Cobra - Cobra Gunship Review

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dominusdjinns stuff is on a roll, this time his brother's Rise of Cobra Gunship!

The Design - The Cobra gunship is a rotor-less aircraft. I am quite disappointed with the size and scale of the vehicle, comparing it to the one depicted on the Rise of Cobra movie. It lacks the troop carrying capacity as shown in the feature. The size really sucks big time.

I like the fish-like design though it would have been a realistic touch to have turbines or a visible engine of sorts for its mobility. The grey color gives it a prototype feel.

The Features -
The Cobra gunship carries some unique product features that gives it more value and playability:

  • The Cockpit has room for one figure, and it seems Hasbro cut some design costs by having it swivel sideways rather than the conventional top. One feature that I do like is the pipes or hoses that the figure has on its harness can attach to slots found within the cockpit, somewhat like some breathing apparatus or life support.

  • A bomb hatch that can deploy 3 tiny red bombs.
  • Engine covers with hinges that reveal detailed engine ports.
  • Launching missiles on the sides
  • Working landing gear

The Figure
- Firefly looks definitely cooler with the flight harness it has! The helmet is similar to the vintage gyro viper (which i believe it was its original intended release than Firefly) with variants of red or grey. Firefly has a basic grey mold, nothing we are not used to, less the camo.

The Recommedation - although its size and scale is an issue, it becomes a definite buy for the collectors who would love to collect all the figures and vehicles in the ROC movie. For me, I would settle for Firefly alone.

My rating is 5.5 out of 10. Release a bigger vehicle Hasbro!