Review on GI joe 7-pack Invasion in Cobra Island

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here is a continuation of Dominusdjinn's collection of newly acquired Invasion of Cobra Island seven action figure packs:


The Good - reissuing a real classic which used to have limited articulation during the early 80's seems to be getting popular, in this case with Recondo. The Figure boasts a new head mold and a splendid detachable cap to boot. His jungle oufit blends neatly and yes for me he is suitable for the invasion to Cobra Island.

The Great - Hasbro paid extra attention to little details on this figure, everything to the mustache. Stuff like the wrapped rifle, backpack clips and strap buckles are wonderfully depicted and based from the original vintage figure. A good tribute for an original and well designed character.

The Sucky - yes you can easily identify a combo of recyclable parts. go hasbro :|

Recommendation - If you are a vintage lover, you would love this figure for all the nostalgia it holds. If your an ROC collector, well you might think twice since your looking at a figure whose specialization was popular nearly 3 decades ago, and might not blend well with the current state-of-the-art military look. For what its worth Recondo is still a genuine and classic military trooper.

A firm 6.5 out of 10. Get me some gnats Recondo!


The Good - its a good thing that they reissued Outback in a color that apart from the original outfit that went with the CLAW and FLAK cannon vehicle pack.

The Bad - he still for me too short of a fella I imagined him to be in a scale in comparison with the other 1:18 GI joe figures.

Recommendation - Well it wont hurt to get this variation of Outback, which I recall similar to the Nightforce version. Of course the white shirt survivalist is the most popular version that we old collectors remember, and this grey shirt is a new taste for me. To be realistic, a white shirt isnt advised when traveling through a Cobra jungle.

A 7.0 out of 10 in my book. Survive the attack Outback!


The Nice - At last an undercover, deep inflitration agent joins the 25th joe line! I was waiting for a figure that would be a good spy to boot, and Chuckles was good choice!

The Good - A good new head mold, a single side webgear with holster, cool shirt and a M.A.Rs briefcase adds to the delight for this classic figure.

The Recommendation - Chuckes is one of those mix-match figures, but since they worked hard to improve the quality through detail, I will let this one slide. Chuckles is a good and neat figure to have, and suits well with the invasion theme.

A nice swell grade of 7.0 will suit him. Dig your hawain shirt dude!


The Underestimated - People would think whats so special having a greenshirt with a bazooka? You will know its just one of those Frankenstein mixes with maybe Bazooka's head tossed in. Well that was the initial response for Zap, it would be an ordinary joe. I stand corrected when I saw the head mold, the unique green color of his outfit, and his new webgear. He isnt just an ordinary joe with a bazooka, he's zap and he's ready to bring some serious pounding to Cobra!

The Expected
- yes its a rehash of parts from re-hasbro. Nicely done I got to admit, at least they didnt use some common Flash or greenshirt helmet, or Bazooka's ordinance or it will be too cheezy to get the pack. Well yeah he is the only greenshirt thats enlisted for the invasion (though they could had made a Repeater or Recoil rather than this classic member of the original 13).

The Verdict - Get the figure. he is cool and photos dont do him justice. If he doesnt suit the 7pack, he is much suitable for your office desk or bedroom cabinet.

Realization gave me enlightenment so I give the figure a sturdy 7.5 out of 10.


The Great - its a diver figure thats two steps away from the generic Torpedo figure. Thank you hasbro for giving it a new backpack, diving gear and head. Speaking of heads, his face kinda looks like the resolute duke, making me wonder if the figure was intended for Wetsuit or some SRO diver Duke that was gone and scrapped.

The Lame - it still have the standard accessory Torpedo clones have, the timeless harpoon.

The Recommendation - Wetsuit is one of my favorites when I was a kid. It had a different color, quite bright but yet still military. So even if it came with the standard diver gear and figure, its still wetsuit in my book.

A Cool 8.0 in my book.


The Cool - A H.A.L.O trooper! Bravo Hasbro. It has all the nice details I can remember from the original classic 80's figure, plus the articulation and increased detail. Love the camo, painted facemask and the details on the webgear.

The Not so Cool - in all the things to forget, a hole for the oxygen hose to connect to...bummer.

The Ugly - I remember that Ripcord to be a dashing boyfriend of Cindy the comics known for his bravado and charm. And lo and behold he looks like old fart Red Star...maybe theyre related in a way. And Ripcords just blonde. Plus the gun...I always loved the vintage one versus this current one (its no pit commando accessory right?)

The Verdict - Overall you have a vintage accurate classic re-edition and may I say an improvement. All except for that old-grunt face. Display him with the headgear on or better yet just replace the head altogether.

Its a 7.0 out of 10 for me. It could have been a 8.0 but Redstar's head isn't right...


The Excellent - now this is an old time favorite that appeared at the latter half of the 80's golden age of GI joe characters. Youre looking at a very good adaptation of the classic figure hit and run, with all the paint and camo details. The big improvement is found underneath the recolored Airborne helmet is a good-looking neat figure. Armed with his trusty old gun with his backpack and yes the overused grappling hook is a well composed action figure.

The Good - good in the sense even if Hit&Run is made out of frankenstien parts and accessories, its is consistent with the basic look of the classic figure.

The Lacking - I used to remember that this character lugs around a big bag where you can attach and wind up the grappling hook. It would have been swell if Hasbro incorporated that.

The Verdict - Hit&Run is nice sturdy figure. Nicely done, composed, designed and painted from parts and accessories from nearly four 25th figures. Not bad. I forgive you Hasbro.

Points go for an 8.5 out of 10. Add 0.5 if it ever came with the bag.