Rise of Cobra - City Strike Snake Eyes

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Resolute Snake Eyes ::
Post by mickeyrdj » Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:14 pm

got lucky in getting this fig.. thanks for the heads-up Toreador.. ;)

anyway.. not much to review in this fig.. he is basically the same as the ROC Rescue Mission Snake Eyes with grey colors and new head sculpt..some who got this fig and some who saw the fig up-close didn't like the fig.. some say they want it black.. for me i think this one's a keeper.. :D

Now on to the pics.. ;)

This is actually named as "City Strike Snake Eyes" but everyone knows that this is his Resolute look..

Comparison Pics ::
together with the RM SE.. if one has either i still recommend to get the one you dun have.. ;)
both figs for me have some sort of touch/effect or lets say "iba ang dating.."

Gear ::
i like how he can hold his rifle.. the butt of the rifle really is held up against his shoulders.. as if the rifle was fit exactly for SE..

Im not good with gun names.. but these look like baby guns hehe.. (i got the other one from RM SE)
also i dun get why they gave him snow spiked shoes.. wierd.. :roll:

I gave his back pack (similar to the Arctic Assault SE) to the ROC Snow Job (the one that ca me with the Rockslide ATAV)

Note also that he came with a hand gun.. i didnt want to place it in his hand because it kinda loosened it.. this happend to my RM SE..

Resolute Snake Eyes and Duke ::
how to appreciate your CS SE better? have him stand beside Duke.. \m/
raiding team.. hehe..

Overall, i'd give this fig (9.5/10)

I really like this fig.. been waiting for this and was surprised it came out earlier than i expected.. thanks to help of toreador and got lucky im in the area..

My only issue on this fig is that his ankles cant bend.. its good they didnt give this fig that crappy missile launcher.. ;)