Convention Exclusive Crimson Attack Viper

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Good - Another variant that can be added into your growing collection of Cobra Vipers.

The Great - Red for me is cool, so is gold. Add them together on a novel and excellent sculpt then you get a great figure

The Nice - Articulation is improved by using a new set of rehashed legs, making the viper do better poses. Hands have slightly changed too, for better grip on its weapons.

The Better - Good thing the figure employed the HOH mold with the chrome head, which to some say is more of a fingernail than a faceplate.

The Best - more weapons, you get an AK-47 variant aside from the standard Viper assault gun.

The Relative - the red footstands have some hesitation, since it would be kinda off along with the regular footstands on display. Well HOH has gold ones so I guess red is pretty much a better substitute than that. The reddish tan skin finish is kinda low quality for me, rather they just stick to the original material they used for the regular figure issues. Too much red I guess.

The Verdict:

These Crimson Strike Vipers are part of the Convention Exclusive sets that right now sell at evilbay for 350++ a pop. Sure you get a whole troop of vipers, plus of course a sexy red baroness variant and the exclusive twins, but at that price I rather spend it on a vintage Defiant. Nevertheless for completists in the 25th line, this is one baby you should collect. The others can view it as an expensive endeavor altogether and rather pass.

8/10 for me...