Toy Con 2011: Behind The Scenes of Operation: Burnt Lair!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

06.19.2011 - The Philippine Toys, Hobbies & Collectibles Convention (aka Toy Con) organized by Collectibles Unlimited headed by Vic Yap and Cholo Manlillin opened its doors yesterday.
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With huge numbers and attractions that have been quite astonishing for the regular Juan.

One attraction that has been astonishing everyone is located at The Gallery area of Megatrade Hall 2, where the Toy Groups share their passion and love for each hobby.

Toy Soldier 1:18 or simply TS118 IS a group and an organization of G.I. Joe, and other 1:18 scale size collectors driven by true passion in bringing awesome dioramas at Toy Con since 2008.

TS118 has been part of Toy Con since 2007, and with all said and done you can believe there is such a passionate group like this.

If you haven't seen their passion see these unique, quirky, and humorous individuals when setting up their gigantic pieces of art. This in the form of their creative Dio-O-Rama, where they put real drama in this spectacular frozen moment of action and adventure...

Surely. These fine men... And women have a heart too for some fun and laughter as you see the behind the scenes like any regular group of people enjoying another Toy Con weekend.

Catch TS118 in the next up and coming conventions. See how they put fun in these magnificent works of art!